A life-changing experience.

The SASI team utilizes a leadership training curriculum recognized as one of the best in the country. Our unique curriculum is engaging, student-centered, and always evolving to better equip current and future leaders for an ever-changing world. 


SASI is an organizational improvement group dedicated to developing student leaders. We have extensive experience in serving large and small schools in both public and private education systems, with groups running the gamut from student councils to marching bands to athletic teams. 

By utilizing a wide variety of experiential learning techniques and developmental processes, we equip students and organizations with the mindset and tools needed to create a higher quality of leadership at both the individual and the group levels. 


Every leadership growth experience initiated by SASI uses kinesthetic, auditory, and visual learning elements to guide participants through deliberate and purpose-filled exercises resulting in personal and organizational growth. Through these experiential processes, mental and physical exercises, and emotionally based activities, participants increase their personal leadership capacities. Participants grow in their understanding of self and discover more about the leader within.


During our leadership workshops, participants contribute equally in order to take full advantage of the collective wisdom and talent within the group. Processes are carefully selected and presented so that personal contribution without regard to position, rank, status or personality type can easily take place. Our workshops are purposefully sequenced to build upon one another with participants generally being unaware of the culminating effect until they have reached solutions or conclusions.


We believe the answers are in the room, and we insure that participants are actively involved in creating plans for improvement and solutions to problems, often before they become consciously aware of their own significant contributions. Among many positive outcomes of our processes is participant's sense of successful personal development and empowerment gained by knowing that their individual contributions are highly valued parts of the finished product.